Behind the Brand Part 2: An Interview with Rebecca Elms

It’s been a minute since we last caught up with owner Rebecca Elms! So, we decided to take five and talk a little more about her love for interior styling, the Surry Hills community and all things wellness.

You recently completed a massive renovation of your terrace home in Redfern, which you’ve since sold. Tell us what it was like to manage the entire project from start to finish!  

I loved it! It's something that I had dreamt about doing for a long time. It was a huge project that spanned over 12 months, but in saying that, we had support from a great builder.

I loved the process of choosing all of the finishes and working with our builder. I’m very decisive (comes with the territory) and I just went with what I loved and what I knew would work with our family. I didn't follow any trends as I wanted the house to be classic and a reflection of the family that lived in it.

What was your favourite space in the house?

Downstairs. That's where we did all of our living. It was cosy during winter with the fireplace, and in the summertime, the whole house opened up to the backyard with the bi-folding doors. My favourite time in the house is summer. The sun just streamed in.

You've gone back to your design roots and have started offering interior styling and de-cluttering services. Why are you passionate about helping people create beautiful spaces?

I honestly don't think it takes much to live in a beautiful de-cluttered space. I know that I feel so much better within myself if things are put away, and the house is tidy. I feel relaxed and clear-minded when my home is in order and I want to provide this kind of calm for other people.

Learn more about our Interior Styling & Decluttering Services here.

Who would be your dream client?

Anyone that has a similar mindset who wants to reduce stress and simplify their life and that of their family. I believe that if your house is in order and you know where things are, you can live a simple and calm life. 


Which songs are you playing in high rotation this month?

Promises and Giant / Calvin Harris

Always lots of Maggie Rogers

Give it a Try / The Wombats

24K Magic / Bruno Mars

Teardrops / Womack and Womack

Anything old school ‘80s

What was the goal of the store aesthetic? 

I just wanted it to be really clean and simple. To showcase the brands and for the customer to find things easily without any fuss.

What do you love about Surry Hills?

It's a really warm, accepting community. Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming since we opened our doors, and other businesses have been supportive as well. Although we now live in Rosebery, Surry Hills is where we do our groceries and where my daughter goes to school, which is certainly forming part of our community.

Why do you feel it's important to support local small businesses?

If we don't support them, we won't have communities or local shops to visit.

As a small business, I also support other small business in the stock that we hold and sell. It’s the same for many of my neighbours, who pride themselves on supporting local businesses.

Favourite place in the area for… 

Breakfast? Bills. A classic and always good!

Lunch on the go? Maloney's Grocer. They have so many healthy easy snacks for lunch.

Fancy dinner to impress? Always Chin Chin! ALWAYS!

A drink with the girls? I love The Wild Rover or Golden Age.

Workout? I am a runner, so happily run through the streets on my way to Centennial Park.

To find inspiration? Some quiet time in the Brett Whiteley Gallery just around the corner! Always inspiring!

Wellness is a big focus in your life and with Elms. What are some of your simple daily wellness rituals?

I’m a big fan of celery juice, so I like to start my day with a glass of that, and we try to follow a pretty healthy diet filled with lots of vegetables in our family. Ideally, I start my day with a workout. We just bought a rowing machine, which I’m really enjoying at the moment. I also love ending the day with a face mask while watching trashy reality TV if I can find the time.

Which wellness products do you love right now? 

Eucalyptus and Rosemary Purifying Scrub from Salus. I absolutely love this and use it daily.

We always have a candle burning at home. I’m loving anything from The Raconteur at the moment.

I also love the Australian Native Clay Mask from Addition Studio. 

Mayde Tea – in particular, the Serenity blend.