Our Top Lockdown Wellness Essentials

Well, friends, here we are again! We recognize this place all too well. Luckily, this time around, we know how to prepare for a stay-at-home order. First and foremost, we are practising the art of surrender and gratitude. Secondly, we’re embracing simple rituals to inject joy into our daily lives and lean on a few tried-and-true items that we’ve now classified as “lockdown essentials”. 
Elms | Hunter Lab
Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t necessarily mean work has stopped. It might be even busier than ever, with calls and meetings consuming a large portion of your day. Regularly putting yourself on the internet means skincare is still essential. Stress can cause breakouts, so we’ve been leaning on the Charcoal Mud Mask from Hunter Lab about 2-3 times per week to help remove impurities. We also love the Lipid Vitamin Face Oil to give us extra nourishment and luminosity, especially during these dry winter months. 
Elms | Primness Loungewear
Embracing loungewear is undoubtedly one of the upsides to a lockdown. We have been living in all things Primness – a beautiful local brand that designs and makes its pieces in Australia from the softest cotton. You’ll be extremely comfortable while looking put together so that you can feel good running to grab essentials from the store or going for your daily walk around the neighbourhood. 
Elms | Compassione Kitchen Cookbook
Extra time at home hopefully means more time to create healthy, wholesome food. Plus, spending time in the kitchen can be pretty meditative and a great way to destress. When we’re craving something fresh, Big Salads is our go-to cookbook. We also keep Compassionate Kitchen within arm’s reach for plant-based recipes packed with delicious Asian flavours. Tasty, filling, and good for you. 
Elms | TASTEOLOGY Chilli Salt
Yes, cocktails are considered a lockdown essential in our books. Life is about balance. No further explanation needed. We are obsessed with TASTEOLOGY’s syrups and highly recommend you try your hand at a Chili Pineapple Martini:
45ml Tequila
30ml Fresh lime juice
22.5ml Triple Sec 
15ml TASTEOLOGY Coconut Pineapple Syrup
TASTEOLOGY Chili Salt to rim the coupe.
Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain. Cheers!
Elms | Serenity Mayde Tea
It’s normal to feel anxious, frustrated, or sad during a lockdown, which can impact your sleep. Establishing a good bedtime ritual is essential for our health and wellbeing. After the sun sets, we like to light a candle or burn our favourite incense or essential oil (at the moment, ours is Black Blaze's Vetiver & Fig ) and then run a soothing bath using Addition Studio Australian Native Bath Brew. Making a cup of Serenity by Mayde Tea is another excellent way to support your nervous system and unwind before bed.