Greenhouse Interiors Group Art Exhibition

Here at Elms, we have a deep abiding love for Australian creatives, which is why we are beyond thrilled to welcome a selection of amazing local artists represented by Julia Green of Greenhouse Interiors for a group exhibition! 

Artists include:

  • Kimmy Hogan
  • Beth Kennedy
  • Kate Mayes
  • Georgie Wilson
  • Katie Wyatt

Thank you to those who joined us for the opening night to celebrate their latest work! The exhibition runs until Sunday, 20 October or until SOLD OUT.


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    Kimmy Hogan

    Kimmy Hogan is a trained professional graphic designer who has worked in the advertising industry for over ten years. She had a love for traditional oil paintings but it was digital illustration where her talent lied – which led her to reinvent this tactile medium in a digital way. Whist her art is all digitally created it is still very ‘hand drawn’ with each line and shape being created with the stroke of the hand and each fleck of colour being carefully considered. The simplified curves and shapes of colour give the image a more painterly, impressionistic feel which range in subject matter from traditional to modern.

    Beth Kennedy

    Beth works intuitively with colour, at times allowing it to flow across the canvas in washes, and at others using it in bold opaque areas. Amongst this, wavering patterns move in and out of focus, eventually finding their place and adding depth and beauty to the paintings. The essence of these paintings is the dynamics of patterning, even at their most colourful, there is a quiet and enigmatic beauty to her work. Each of Beth's paintings is the result of a sustained process of transcription: from sketches, to watercolour, to paint on canvas.

    Kate Mayes

    Coastal artist Kate Mayes is known for her bold application of colour and contrasting techniques that swing between the use of thick structured paints and watery washes. Inspired by her natural surrounds and guided by intuition - Kate’s paintings evolve over weeks of layering and experimentation in her Torquay based studio. Known best for her botanical interpretations and deep sea green palettes, Kate’s work can be found at leading interior boutiques and galleries both locally and and internationally.
    Georgie Wilson
    Mornington Peninsula artist Georgie Wilson likes order. She also likes abstraction. Oh, and colour: gentle, soothing pastels, moody greys and blacks, translucent yellow, fresh greens, electric blue, and pops of fluro. She’s a busy creative gemini inspired by her botanical surrounds, her work as a graphic designer and life in general. Georgie has previously exhibited at Antipodes in Sorrento, Felix, Hut13, and White Nest. Her work has featured in Inside Out magazine, The Design Files, Onya Magazine and LikeMindsCreate. She has been commissioned by private collectors, and design and ad agencies both here in Australia and internationally.
    Katie Wyatt
    Katie paints impressionist, highly textured landscapes and botanical pieces in oil paint. She uses brushes and palette knives to create paintings that are almost sculptural, inviting viewers to feel connected to the work. The paintings are energetic, honest pieces that viewers can enjoy hanging on their walls at home. To be hung in someone's home is a privilege, something she finds a lot of satisfaction in.
    Greenhouse Interiors is a leading authority on interiors styling, plus curates the best boutique designer brands to shop online for art, homewares & textiles. The Greenhouse Interiors team also contributes regular editorial features to leading interiors and lifestyle publications in Australia and overseas. It also works with commercial brands and boutique artists from concept development to art direction, set design, styling and wholesale distribution. 
    Greenhouse Interiors was founded in 2010 by Julia Green, a former pharmaceutical industry executive with a passion for great design and supporting local artists. From humble beginnings and a chance meeting with a Vogue photographer, Julia set about a major career change and jumped deep into the world of interior styling without taking breathe for almost a decade. Now Julia and her team works with over 30 brands & artists, hundreds of stores across Australia and oversees, whilst shooting editorial stories for leading lifestyle publications.