Creating Moments of Calm in a Busy Life

In our fast-paced lives, finding moments of calm can be challenging, but it's essential. At Elms, we believe in integrating small, mindful rituals to create pockets of peace amidst the chaos. We’ve curated beautiful products from Australian brands like Addition Studio, Salus, Gentle Habits, This Is Incense, and Posie candles, that inspire and enhance your everyday, making it easy to sneak in moments of calm, reflection, and nourishment—even if it's just for a few precious minutes.

Addition Studio: Transform your everyday routines into extraordinary rituals with their Bath Soaks and Body Scrubs. These products, infused with natural Australian botanicals, offer a rejuvenating escape even in a tight schedule.
Salus: Enhance your skincare with Salus' botanical products. A few drops of their Body Oil post-shower or a spritz of Hydrating Facial Mist during a workday can offer a quick, refreshing break.
Gentle Habits: Start your day right with their Shower Ritual Oil, transforming a simple shower into a calming experience that sets a positive tone. Take an extra minute or two to linger – some of our best ideas come in the shower!
This Is Incense: Create a serene atmosphere at home by lighting their beautifully crafted incense sticks. The gentle aroma can help soothe your mind, whether you're starting your day or winding down.
Posie Candles: Hand-poured with natural soy wax, these candles bring a warm, inviting glow to any room. Lighting a Posie candle can signal the end of a busy day, creating a restful environment. The new Hue scent is a beautiful addition to our Posie candles collection.
Incorporating Small Rituals

Incorporating these small daily rituals into your routine doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. Here are a few tips to help you create moments of calm and nourishment with our curated products:
  1. Morning Ritual: Start your day with a few deep breaths and a quick spritz of Salus Hydrating Facial Mist to wake up your senses.

  2. Mid-Day Break: Light a stick of This Is Incense to create a peaceful atmosphere while you enjoy a cup of tea.

  3. Evening Unwind: After a long day, indulge in a shower with Gentle Habits’ Shower Ritual Oil, followed by a few minutes of quiet reflection with a Posie candle lit nearby.

  4. Weekend Pampering: Set aside a little extra time on the weekend for a full spa experience at home with Addition Studio’s Bath Soak and Body Scrub.
At Elms, we’re here to help you find balance and beauty in your daily life. Explore our collections from Addition Studio, Salus, Gentle Habits, This Is Incense, and Posie candles, and discover how small, mindful changes can make a big impact on your well-being.