10 Questions with Jason Cook of Salus

We all love a good spa day. Just because we're isolating at home doesn't mean we can't get our fix and treat ourselves to a bit of pampering. Enter Salus. Enter Salus. After working in the fitness and spa industry for 20 years, Salus founder and owner Jason Cook noticed a gap in the market. His range of natural skincare products was developed to allow you to enjoy spa-level self-care from the comfort of your home. The brand's passion for natural skincare, Australian botanicals, and minimalist design speaks straight to our heart.
We sat down with Jason to chat about everything from staying power to the importance of supporting local.
Tell us about the early days. What did your career involve before Salus and how did Salus come about?
Before Salus, I spent over 20 years in the spa, wellness and fitness industries. I had always worked with natural, botanically-based products in the spa and questioned why others didn't have access to these therapeutic products outside of the spa. I launched Salus just under 10 years ago. The homewares and lifestyle industry embraced us as we were the first to offer natural spa strength formulations at affordable prices within that space. 
Let's talk about staying power. You've been in the business for many years. What do you think has been the key to building a lasting company that can ride the waves of highs and lows? 
You need to be passionate about the business you're in to have staying power. Like all businesses, we have our ups and downs, but overall, it's the passion and the genuine connection to the brand that keeps me motivated. I am a big believer in living a balanced life where you work hard when you need to but take time off when you need to recharge. 
What does your self-care routine look like? 
My daily skincare routine tends to differ at the moment as I'm continually testing formulations for the release of our new facial range we're working on. However, I do have a regular body care routine that involves weekly body exfoliation, daily body cleansing, daily hydration and a cold water blast at the end of my morning shower each morning (to increase blood flow and circulation). 
What's your go-to Salus item? 
The Eucalyptus & Rosemary Purifying Body Scrub - it wakes me up and reminds me of nature. 
You're big on supporting local business, using Australian ingredients where possible. Why has this been important to you? 
It's a travesty that so much of Australia's manufacturing has gone overseas. We keep manufacturing in Australia as it's important to us and important to our customers. Australians love to support Australian-owned business, and I believe we should keep as much onshore as we can to help other Australian businesses and jobs.
Finish this sentence: I'm most fulfilled when… 
I'm with the people I love. 
Words to live by? 
Be kind to others. 
What's next for Salus?