At Home with Melanie Clements

Melanie Clements is the Designer and Director of Le Stripe – an amazing Melbourne-based fashion label. We caught up with Mel to chat about her day-to-day and find out about her new normal, which includes homeschooling her 11-year old, 15-year old and 17-year-old. Enjoy!
First off, how are you doing? 
I have to be honest; it's very rare for me to slow down and so there is a part of me that is enjoying this slower pace of life (although I know I could not do it forever - I do function best on adrenaline).
Tell us a little bit about your job and the work that you do.
I am a small business owner and designer/creative director of a Melbourne based brand Le Stripe. I basically run all parts of the business, except for selling (which I leave to my brilliant agents). No day is ever dull – from sourcing fabric to designing my prints, to fittings, managing production to photoshoots and less glamorously stock picking, dispatching and basic bookkeeping. No one should do this job unless they're prepared for long days and lots of work – but I still love it!
How old are your kids?
11, 15 & 17
What's one the challenges of "isolation parenting" you're currently facing?
Well, I've never had so many people in the kitchen cooking up different meals at all times of the day (they all love to cook, and now they have time to do it!!). I don't think I've ever packed and stacked the dishwasher as many times as I have in iso and I also can't believe how much food we go through now!
What are you grateful for?
I am incredibly grateful that we live close to Elwood/St Kilda beach, and this foreshore is my sanctuary and sanity. I'm also grateful that everyone in my immediate family is healthy and happy.
What does your morning routine look like these days?
I'm a night owl and always have been so not having to get up at 6.30 am currently is very relaxing. With homeschooling, my day is starting at a civilised 7.30 am. I feel a lot nicer and happier when I get this extra hour of sleep, so this is working for me!!
What does self-care look like for you these days?
Well, I wish I did have more time for this, but I am pretty low key. My biggest indulgence is candles burning at any time of day, body washes and a good hand cream at night. My favourite is Ashley & Co (especially with all this handwashing)!
Three things that are keeping you uplifted or simply sane right now?
My sanity is walking/running on the foreshore, listening to music (have been listening to Angie McMahon – she's an unbelievable new talent) and the funny videos and jokes that my mates share daily. I am also loving delving into the art world online and looking and dreaming of all the beautiful original art I want to buy for our home (if money was no object)!!
What's on your dream Mother's Day wish list?
More candles. I just can't have enough.