Fressko Summer Fruit Infusion and Iced Tea Recipes

When you have a flask as stylish and versatile as a Fressko, you need to make sure you keep it filled with only the tastiest, healthiest and most refreshing beverages.
Check out some of the delicious, summery fruit-infused and iced tea recipes that are a little bit different!

 Watermelon & Rosemary Infused Water
A small handful of chopped Watermelon
A few springs of Rosemary
Take a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and gently bend and rub to release the aroma. Add to your flask along with a small handful of cubed watermelon. Pop in the top infuser and pour chilled water into your flask to fill. Leave for a few minutes to infuse and enjoy!
Blackberry & Sage Coconut Water Infusion
400ml chilled coconut water
4-6 fresh or frozen blackberries
6-8 fresh sage leaves
Add all ingredients to your flask. Agitate and allow to sit for 5 minutes to infuse. Use top filter attachment to hold in blackberries and sage as you drink. Enjoy!
Rose & Cardamom Iced Tea
2 tsp rose petals
6 cardamom pods
1 tbsp honey (or sweetener of choice)
2 cups boiling water
Bruise the cardamom pods with the bottom of a jar or the back of a knife.
Add honey to your flask and pour ¼ of the boiling water in, then stir to dissolve.
Add the rose petals and bruised cardamom pods to the infuser and pop into the flask. Gently pour the remaining boiling water over the infuser and place in the fridge to cool. Be sure to add ice cubes prior to drinking for a refreshing summer beverage.
Passion Project
The pulp from two passion fruits
Filtered Water
A handful of mint ( torn )
Scoop the pulp from two passion fruits then tear up a handful of fresh mint and add to the flask. Pop in the top infuser then fill with filtered water and leave for a few minutes to infuse. You can add a dash of vodka to create a fruity cocktail.
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