Get Shit Done: Steps To Assessing Your Goals Halfway Through the Year

Six months down. Six months to go. The beginning of the year is about new perspectives and high ambition, but that drive can slowly dissipate as the months tick by. The mid-year point is the ideal time to take stock, assess and adjust your goals. Here are three steps to help you achieve your goals by 2020.

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  1. Reflect

We’re often moving at such a fast pace and looking ahead to what’s next that we forget to take time to check in and reflect on how far we’ve come! Measuring our progress is the only way to know how much further we have to go. So, carve out some quiet time, grab your journal and take stock of your accomplishments. Tick off any goals or milestones you’ve achieved to date and celebrate your hard work!! 

  1. Review

Look at where you’re succeeding and reflect on your approach. Then look at the areas where you’re struggling and ask yourself why. Taking the time to understand what works helps us refine our habits for the second half of the year. It’s also important to go through your list of yet-to-be-achieved goals and determine if they’re still important to you. If not, then let them go.

  1. Refocus

Get inspired! Look at your refined goals and set smaller, achievable tasks and stepping stones over the next six months to motivate you to stay focused. Once you know the steps that will help move you forward then give your calendar an overhaul to better track your deadlines.

Get Shit Done

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Progress Journal