Interview with Kate Dalton of Mayde Tea

Founded in 2013 by Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate Dalton,  Mayde Tea creates beautiful organic and therapeutic teas to attend to some of the most common ailments and help nurture different body systems. We caught up with Kate to learn about her philosophy on health and wellbeing and how she brings a holistic approach to her daily routine. 

We love the origin story of Mayde Tea; from a side project in Uni to being stocked in shops across the country. Can you tell us more about how the brand started and how you’ve grown it to what it is today?
It literally started as a bit of fun on the side when I fell in love with herbal medicine. I used herbal blends for my own ailments – digestive issues, anxiety and insomnia. I had people asking if they could buy it, so it organically became a business. We don’t rely heavily on marketing, rather word of mouth to spread the love of our brand. It started as a passion project and it’s become my full-time job and it has been the most fulfilling journey. 
What inspired you to become a Naturopath and get into holistic health in the first place?
I saw specialist after specialist for a functional digestive disorder I had, and I never got results. It wasn’t until I saw a naturopath that I started to feel a huge improvement. Her style of treating really resonated with me and I wanted to be able to help people’s health in the way she did! I truly believe in the magic of plant and nutritional medicine.
What’s your philosophy on health and wellbeing?
I try not to complicate it too much. We buy our organic produce from the farmers' markets and pantry items from the bulk health food store. I love cooking our own food so I know what is in it! I move my body daily (surf, walk or Pilates) and I always make sure I take time out for myself daily – even if it is 30 minutes while my partner has our baby. I, of course, incorporate herbal medicine into my life where I can- drinking lots of tea and adding medicinal greens to our salads. I try to eat intuitively and for the season, so warming, slow-cooked meals during winter and avoiding raw vegetables at this time. 

We imagine you have a well-honed morning routine. Tell us about your morning rituals.
I did before having a baby haha! On most days, it’s a morning meditation before she wakes, a cup of our Energise Tea (since I gave up coffee a year ago!) and then a big breakfast before getting out of the house for some gentle exercise in nature. 
What about nighttime rituals?
A big pot of our Serenity Tea, a good book and meditation. 
Sustainability is at the forefront of everything Mayde Tea does. Why is it so important to you?
Looking after our planet has always been incredibly important to me, and has become even more so since having a baby. I want the next generation to grow up with our planet as beautiful as it is now, so it’s only natural to be mindful of my own footprint as a business and personally.
How do you stay passionate about your work and continue to feel inspired?
I have such a genuine love for herbal medicine. This passion is more than enough to motivate me each day. Also the feedback we get daily on how much our tea is improving the health of our customers. There’s thankfully no shortage of passion or creativity when it comes to my brand. 
What is your latest obsession?
My baby girl Alfie May!
What’s been your proudest moment?
Growing and birthing our baby girl and quitting my ‘day job’ to work on Mayde Tea full time, 5 years ago.
What is one rule you live by?
Meditating twice a day, every day.
Most recent indulgence?
Staying at the Calile in Brisbane and eating our way around Fortitude valley 
Biggest lesson you’ve learned as a mother so far?