Scents That Are Sure to Make You Happy

Ever walk past a bakery and the smell of fresh bread made you feel reminiscent? For most, a scent is a memory. It has the amazing ability to conjure up deep emotion, transporting us to a place where we experienced calm and happiness. Maybe eucalyptus brings back fond memories of long summer walks, or a citrus perfume floods you with fuzzy feelings of slow Sunday mornings spent making fresh orange juice. Whatever it is, it’s not all in your head – there’s actual science behind the nostalgia!
When we smell, the receptors in our nose send signals to the part of our brain that speaks to the memory and emotion centers (like the hippocampus, amygdala and frontal cortex if you want to get nerdy with us). In other words, when we smell, it triggers endorphins and we feel past experiences. Certain scents can do truly powerful things – they can boost your mood, improve mental clarity, calm your nerves... the list goes on.
Incorporate these feel-good fragrances (they look good, too) into your daily life and you’ll be surprised what a difference a nice scent can make.
This is a deep, grounding scent by the Sydney-based company. Orange sweet, patchouli, cedarwood atlas, juniper berry, lavender, bulgaria and cinnamon bark. Put this in your oil diffuser before bed and feel yourself instantly come back down to earth.
Celia Love Japanese Honeysuckle Candle
With the delicate, light-hearted fragrance of the sweet flowering vine, Japanese Honeysuckle is so addictive! It has subtle notes of honey and mint, making it equal parts calming and uplifting.
Celia Loves candles are hand-poured into glass jars and are crafted from all-natural soy wax and essential oil extracts. The 100% cotton lead-free wicks will burn for up to 35 hours. The Melbourne company’s adorable packaging makes them a perfect gift.
This candle screams Sydney: native port Jackson fig, native coastal banksia and gardenia. Need we say more?
Hand-poured in Sydney using 100% soy wax and cotton wicks, Raconteur candles are free of paraffins, parabens, phthalates and lead and burn up to 60 hours. 
Now, this is a quick and easy pick-me-up. This room spray offers a refreshing, energising and revitalising blend of lemongrass, lime, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon myrtle.
Salus uses 100% pure essential oils, so you can feel good spritzing this in every room to bring peace, tranquillity and softness to your home.