Elms supports the work of local creatives and entrepreneurs by championing Australian and New Zealand brands. Promoting environmental sustainability is important to us and we take various measures within our business to reduce our carbon footprint. 

To cut back on waste, we repurpose the packaging from supplier deliveries to fulfil our customer orders, use water soluble biodegradable packing peanuts, and send orders in Dirtbag’s earth-friendly compostable shipping mailers. We also use Carbon Click, which allows our customers to offset the carbon impact of their purchase by adding a small additional amount at checkout to support projects such as native forest regeneration or renewable energy. 
Whether it’s eliminating single use plastic pollution or contributing to environmental causes – we source brands and products that don’t cost the earth and support a more sustainable lifestyle.
            Socially responsible
We work with conscious brands that are committed to the health and wellbeing of others as well as our planet by reducing their carbon footprint, continuously improving labour policies, ensuring ethical production, etc.
100% Natural ingredients
We strive to showcase products that use naturally-derived and sustainably-sourced ingredients that are proven to work.
We actively seek out items that are made locally by hand or brands that work directly with their makers abroad to keep artisan culture alive.
All of the products we carry are non-toxic and free of petrochemicals, alcohol, preservatives and artificial fragrances and colours.
Reef safe
We stock sunscreen by We Are Feel Good Inc. which is free of harmful UV filters, oxybenzone and octinoxate, making it gentle on the skin and safe for the ocean.
Gluten free
All of the products on our shelves are gluten free – from loose leaf tea to salts and spices to skincare.
Cruelty free
None of the items in our shop have been tested on animals and a wide range of them are also vegan-friendly.
100% Certified organic
Many of the brands in the shop are certified organic, which ensures their integrity and compliance with Australian production standards.