At Home With Beck Feiner

Being a mum is hard work. Being a small business owner is hard work. Juggling both of these roles while being stuck inside?? Exceptionally hard work.

We sat down with  Beck Feiner - illustrator, author and mum to Levi and Esme – to hear how she’s navigating her way through this challenging time. Because there’s comfort in knowing that we’re in this together. 
Beck Feiner
First off, how are you doing?
I am ok. All my loved ones are healthy and feel grateful for that. I'm not going to lie to you, though; this has been hard. You don't know how much I miss my kids going to school. I'm going to be skipping in joy and possibly twirling as I leave the school gates the day I drop them back. However, I don't miss all the running around on the weekends and social obligations, so there are silver linings.
Tell us a little bit about your job and the work that you do.
I'm an illustrator based in Sunny old Redfern. I work on commercial projects and have published three kids books with my husband, and our fourth book will be out in September. Luckily books are one of the things that in this crisis people are turning to for comfort, so for now, I'm still getting work.
What's one the challenges of "isolation parenting" you're currently facing?
My husband and I both have work projects on, so it has been hard to give my kids the attention they deserve while they are away from school. I go from "I got this", to "oh gawd, I am the worst parent ever." I may have given my kids Pringles for lunch the other day to get a job out. It has potato in it! That's a vegetable, right?! But they know how much they are loved and I need to work to put food on their plates (even if they are Pringles).
What are you grateful for?
I recently saw some photos of tiny spaces that some people in third world countries have to live in while they are isolated—just boxes with no windows. I couldn't believe it. I'm so grateful that we have a courtyard in the back of our terrace to get sunshine and a big oval near us to run around and get some exercise.
What does your morning routine look like these days?
It starts with my kids EVERY morning bounding into my room and waking me up way too early and going, "What are we doing today?" and me looking at them with absolutely no answer. 
What does self-care look like for you these days?
Exercise. I think exercise during this pandemic has been my lifesaver. I have a girlfriend who trains with me, and once I do some exercise with her, I feel like I can get through the day and be a nicer person to my husband and kids.
Three things that are keeping you uplifted or simply sane right now?
So exercise as I mentioned, TV series (just finished Unorthodox and it was incredible) and my work. I love my work. I love illustrating, and it has always kept me sane. I've actually been illustrating daily about the state of our world on my Instagram account, and it has really given me something to focus on. 
What's on your dream Mother's Day wish list? 
I would love to see my Mother and for her to hang out with my family. We have been self-isolating from her because of her age, and I miss her so much. I'm MUMDEPENDENT! Is that a thing at my age? I thought I would grow out of it. Oh, and I would also like not to hear the words "MUUUUM, MUMMMMM, MUUUUUM!!!" and go to the bathroom without a little person following me in.