At Home With Nicole Ray

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to do a little series with some of the mothers and small business owners we admire! We were curious to hear how they're navigating this crazy time and handling the challenges of isolation parenting in an effort to help us mums feel more connected.
We're kicking it off with Nicole Ray - Owner & Editor of Minty Magazine and mum to Charlie and Florence.
Firstly, how are you doing?
Funnily as time passes, I'm settling into the iso routine quite well! I love the slow mornings and extra cuddles with my kids. I desperately miss long walks at the beach and seeing our family and friends, but overall I'm doing pretty well!
Tell us a little bit about your job and the work that you do.
I am the owner and editor of Minty Magazine, an independently published magazine showcasing children’s interior design. Minty aims to nurture joy through positive design and supports small Australian businesses.
What’s one the challenges of “isolation parenting” you’re currently facing?
Remembering to be patient and understanding of my kids. This situation is so tough for them, too, and I need to remind myself of that constantly.
What are you grateful for?
Oh, so much! My family, our home, our health, the beautiful Autumn weather, Pilates via Zoom, arts and crafts, books, Sudoko, Netflix (although maybe not Tiger King 😂), great food, time to cook, laughter, all of the lessons we are learning about ourselves, our communities and the way we live our lives… The list goes on and on!
What does your morning routine look like these days?
Slow. Really, really slow. Some morning I wake up early for Pilates, others I don’t. Some mornings we make a big extravagant breakfast, others we don’t. Lego, books, PJs, snuggles – they are pretty regular!
What does self-care look like for you these days?
A solo walk, a good old chin wag with a friend, a chai and a puzzle book. I'm pretty lucky I get a lot of these in most days.
Three things that are keeping you uplifted or simply sane right now?
- Blasting the music and dancing like a crazy lady!
Minty – fortunately, it hasn’t slowed down too much, and we are in the midst of an exciting launch which is so motivating.
- Chai. Always chai.
What's on your dream Mother's Day wish list? 
I have been lusting over this skirt from Cooper by Trelise Cooper for months! 😂 More realistically, however, is this Ken Done book. I grew up in the ’80s, and Ken Done was big in our family. I’d love this book for the colour, the joy of his art and the nostalgia.