Interview with Hayley Culley of Fressko

Okay, let's be honest: It's not always easy trying to live more green. Maybe you take showers that are occasionally a little too long, or maybe you forget your reusable bag from time to time. We've all been there. The key is to not become discouraged but to continue being mindful of those small decisions you make each day. It's about progress, not perfection, right? Because eventually those small decisions become second nature and lead to bigger, more impactful lifestyle choices.
Enter Fressko. This Melbourne-based brand designs flasks that are a sustainable and reusable alternative to paper takeaway cups. We love that they look super delicate but that they're actually built to stand the test of time. They're responsibly made using only 100% BPA free materials, including bamboo which is sourced from the mountains of Ningbo. 
We know there are a lot of reusable keep cups on the market these days, so we caught up with Fressko Marketing Director, Hayley Culley, to chat about what sets the Fressko flask apart.

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Tell us about what inspired the idea to launch Fressko back in 2014?

Fressko was launched initially by two friends Sean and Lucas, who saw a gap in the market for a tea infuser that was portable and of high quality. There were so many plastic bottles or teacups, but nothing you could take on the go. From there, the Original Range was born, and versatility, function, aesthetics, and quality became the focus. I joined the business three months after it launched and have not looked back.

What aspects of the business continue to inspire you?

Watching consumers become more aware and conscious of the effects we as a society have on the environment and how we do actually have the ability to make changes in our everyday lives.

What sets you apart from other similar products on the market?

Quality and versatility. Without a doubt. We do not use chemicals in our products and rely on quality materials and manufacturing processes to create something durable and long-lasting. We also designed the 2 in 1 infuser, so consumers have options as to how they want to use their Fressko.

Why do you think it’s important for your brand to promote sustainability, and support ethical business practices?

Our business philosophy is simple: Be kind to Mother Earth, to others, and to yourself, and this also sums up why we think it is important.

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Do you think Australia has a unique appreciation for sustainable craft and design?

Compared to some other markets, yes, Australia definitely appreciates unique quality products, and it motivates us to keep thinking of ways to improve our range.

Do you have any advice for those looking to affect social change but don’t know where to start?

Start small, start at home, start with your kids, and with your workplace. Lead by example!

What can we expect from Fressko in the future?

A few more products are on their way. Again, more items that are designed to replace single-use, throwaway items. Stay tuned!

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